Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Richards, James Bachelor of Arts 1794
Richards, Lewis Doctor of Medicine 1854
Richards, Theodore William Doctor of Science 1905
Richards, William Rogers Doctor of Divinity 1903
Richmond, Dr. Julius Benjamin Doctor of Medical Sciences 1999
Riddell, William Renwick Doctor of Laws 1918
Riley, James Whitcomb Master of Arts 1902
Ripley II, Sidney D. Doctor of Laws 1975
Ripley, Alfred Lawrence Doctor of Laws 1935
Ripley, Alfred Lawrence Master of Arts 1888
Risa Lavizzo-Mourey Doctor of Medical Sciences 2024
Rivlin, Alice M. Doctor of Social Science 1984
Robbins, Chandler Master of Arts 1790
Robbins, Howard Chandler Doctor of Divinity 1938
Robbins, James Watson Master of Arts 1806
Robbins, Nathaniel Master of Arts 1753
Robbins, Philemon Master of Arts 1733
Robert, James Alexander Master of Arts 1867
Roberts, Ellis Henry Doctor of Laws 1884
Robinson, Abraham Hazen Doctor of Medicine 1867
Robinson, Eddie Doctor of Humane Letters 1997
Robinson, Edward Doctor of Laws 1844
Robinson, Edwin Arlington Doctor of Letters 1922
Robinson, Henry Cornelius Doctor of Laws 1888
Robinson, Lucius Franklin Doctor of Laws 1926
Robinson, Marilynne Doctor of Letters 2018
Robinson, Mary Doctor of Laws 1997
Robinson, Moses Master of Arts 1789
Robinson, William Doctor of Medicine 1828
Robinson, William Callyhan Master of Arts 1881
Roche, Kevin Doctor of Fine Arts 1995
Rockwell, Samuel Master of Arts 1815
Rockwell, Sidney Williams Doctor of Medicine 1855
Roe, Azel Doctor of Divinity 1800
Rogers, Benjamin Doctor of Medicine 1845
Rogers, Benjamin Woolsey Master of Arts 1797
Rogers, Bruce Master of Arts 1928
Rogers, Fred McFeely Doctor of Humane Letters 1974
Rogers, James Doctor of Medicine 1837
Rogers, James Gamble Master of Arts 1921
Rogers, James Grafton Master of Arts 1931
Rogers, Robert Master of Arts 1788
Rogers, William Master of Arts 1780
Rogers, William Augustus Master of Arts 1880
Rollins, Carl Purington Doctor of Humane Letters 1949
Roosa, Daniel Bennett St. John Master of Arts 1868
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Doctor of Laws 1934
Root, Edwin Park Master of Arts 1931
Root, Jesse Master of Arts 1766
Root, Nathaniel William Taylor Bachelor of Arts 1863