Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Barnard, Henry Doctor of Laws 1852
Barnard, John Gross Doctor of Laws 1864
Barnard, Joseph Folger Doctor of Laws 1894
Barnes, Albert Master of Arts 1887
Barnett, James George Doctor of Music 1867
Barnum, Henry Samuel Doctor of Divinity 1898
Barnwell, James Gaston Bachelor of Arts 1853
Barr, Jr., Alfred H. Doctor of Fine Arts 1967
Barratt, Joseph Doctor of Medicine 1834
Barrett, Samuel Master of Arts 1760
Barrett, William Bachelor of Arts 1809
Barrow, John Wylie Master of Arts 1879
Barrows, William Eliot Master of Arts 1882
Bartholomew I, His All Holiness Doctor of Divinity 1998
Bartholomew, Marshall Master of Arts 1953
Bartlett, Charles Griswold Master of Arts 1888
Bartlett, John Doctor of Medicine 1779
Bartlett, John Sherren Doctor of Medicine 1819
Bartlett, Jonathan Master of Arts 1801
Bartlett, Paul Wayland Master of Arts 1918
Barton, Jacqueline K. Doctor of Science 2005
Baryshnikov, Mikhail Doctor of Fine Arts 1979
Bass, Perry R. Doctor of Humane Letters 1993
Bassett, Angela Evelyn Doctor of Fine Arts 2018
Bassett, Homer Franklin Master of Arts 1894
Bassett, John Bachelor of Arts 1786
Bates, Joshua Doctor of Divinity 1818
Battell, Joseph Master of Arts 1871
Battell, Joseph Bachelor of Arts 1823
Battell, Philip Bachelor of Arts 1826
Battelle, Nathaniel Bachelor of Arts 1765
Batterson, James Goodwin Master of Arts 1870
Baumgartner, Dr. Leona Doctor of Laws 1970
Baury, Alfred Louis Master of Arts 1848
Bayard, Thomas Francis Doctor of Laws 1883
Beach, Harlan Page Master of Arts 1901
Beach, John Kimberly Doctor of Laws 1914
Beach, John Sheldon Doctor of Laws 1887
Beadle, George Wells Doctor of Science 1947
Beams, Jesse Wakefield Doctor of Science 1976
Beard, James Master of Arts 1754
Beard, Mary Doctor of Humanities 2019
Beardslee, Gideon Doctor of Medicine 1825
Beardsley, Bronson Burton Bachelor of Arts 1851
Beardsley, Ebenezer Master of Arts 1784
Beardsley, Sidney Burr Master of Arts 1886
Beardsley, Wells Doctor of Medicine 1839
Beaux, Cecilia Master of Arts 1912
Beck, Aaron Temkin Doctor of Medical Sciences 2012
Becker, Carl Lotus Doctor of Letters 1932