Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Kennan, George Frost Doctor of Laws 1950
Kennedy, John F. Doctor of Laws 1962
Kennedy, Julian Master of Arts 1900
Kent, William Master of Arts 1908
Kentridge, William Doctor of Fine Arts 2013
Keohane, Nannerl Doctor of Humane Letters 2004
Kermode, Frank Doctor of Letters 1995
Kerry, John Doctor of Laws 2017
Ketchum, Landon Bachelor of Philosophy 1865
Keteltas, Eugene Master of Arts 1870
Keyes, Frederick George Doctor of Science 1934
Kidjo, Angélique Doctor of Music 2015
Kilbourn, James Master of Arts 1851
Kilbourn, John Master of Arts 1854
Kilby, Charles Doctor of Medicine 1789
Kilby, Jack St. Clair Doctor of Science 1996
Kimball, Gilman Doctor of Medicine 1856
Kimberly, John Master of Arts 1763
King, Asa Master of Arts 1802
King, Henry Churchill Doctor of Divinity 1904
King, Jr., Rev. Martin Luther Doctor of Laws 1964
King, Mary-Claire Doctor of Medical Sciences 2007
King, Riley B.B. Doctor of Music 1977
King,William Lyon Mackenzie, Right Honorable Doctor of Laws 1924
Kingsbury, Frederick John Doctor of Laws 1899
Kingsley, William Lathrop Doctor of Letters 1892
Kinley, David Doctor of Laws 1924
Kip, William Ingraham Doctor of Laws 1872
Kirby, Ephraim Master of Arts 1787
Kirchney, George Washington Doctor of Laws 1908
Kirkland, Samuel Master of Arts 1768
Kirschner, Charles Louis Master of Arts 1927
Kitchel, Harvey Dennison Master of Arts 1865
Kittredge, George Lyman Doctor of Letters 1924
Kittredge, Henry Crocker Doctor of Humane Letters 1954
Knapp, Colby Doctor of Medicine 1825
Knapp, William Ireland Master of Arts 1880
Kneisel, Franz Doctor of Music 1911
Knight, Charles Reed Doctor of Laws 1876
Knight, George Henry Master of Arts 1898
Knight, Henry Clifford Master of Arts 1935
Knight, Jonathan Doctor of Medicine 1818
Knopf, Alfred A. Doctor of Humane Letters 1958
Knox, Bernard M.W. Doctor of Humane Letters 1983
Knox, George William Doctor of Divinity 1911
Knox, Hugh Master of Arts 1768
Knox, Philander Chase Doctor of Laws 1907
Koh, Tommy T.B. Doctor of Laws 1984
Kollek, Teddy Doctor of Laws 1992
Koo, Vii Kuin Wellington Doctor of Laws 1916