Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Hyde, William Doctor of Medicine 1835
Hyslop, William Master of Arts 1792
Ide, George Edward Master of Arts 1906
Idel, Moshe Doctor of Divinity 2006
Ingelfinger, Franz J. Doctor of Science 1979
Ingersoll, Charles Anthony Master of Arts 1827
Ingersoll, Charles Roberts Doctor of Laws 1874
Ingersoll, Jonathan Doctor of Laws 1816
Irvine, Sir James Colquhoun Doctor of Science 1927
Ives, Ansel W. Master of Arts 1821
Ives, Charles Master of Arts 1874
Ives, Edward John Master of Arts 1834
Ives, Herbert Eugene Doctor of Science 1928
Ivins, Jr., William Mills Doctor of Fine Arts 1946
Jackson, Frederick Wolcott Master of Arts 1892
Jackson, George Anson Master of Arts 1887
Jackson, Richard Doctor of Laws 1773
Jackson, William Master of Arts 1763
Jacobi, Abraham Doctor of Laws 1905
Jacobs, George Washington Master of Arts 1820
Jacobs, Irwin Doctor of Engineering and Technology 2017
Jacobus, Melancthon Williams Doctor of Divinity 1910
Jacocks, Thomas Stevenson Bachelor of Arts 1839
Jakobson, Roman Doctor of Humane Letters 1967
James, Thomas D. Master of Arts 1845
James, Walter Belknap Master of Arts 1906
Jamison, Judith Doctor of Fine Arts 1997
Janeway, Theodore Caldwell Master of Arts 1912
Jarvis, Abraham Doctor of Divinity 1797
Jarvis, George Oglevie Doctor of Medicine 1846
Jay, Peter Augustus Master of Arts 1798
Jay, Pierre Master of Arts 1917
Jefferson, Joseph Master of Arts 1892
Jefferson, Thomas Doctor of Laws 1786
Jennings, Isaac Doctor of Medicine 1828
Jepson, Benjamin Master of Arts 1912
Jessup, Philip C. Doctor of Laws 1964
Jessup, Samuel Master of Arts 1863
Jesup, Morris Ketchum Master of Arts 1891
Jewell, Marshall Master of Arts 1873
Jewett, Frank Baldwin Doctor of Laws 1946
Jewett, Joseph Franklin Doctor of Medicine 1841
Johnes, Timothy Doctor of Divinity 1783
Johns, Evan Master of Arts 1809
Johnson, Charles Frederick Doctor of Letters 1898
Johnson, Charles Frederick Master of Arts 1885
Johnson, Jr., Frank Minis Doctor of Laws 1980
Johnson, Peleg Doctor of Medicine 1842
Johnson, Philip Doctor of Fine Arts 1978
Johnson, Robert Charles Master of Arts 1830