Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Howland, Henry Elias Master of Arts 1893
Howland, John Master of Arts 1914
Howland, Murray Shipley Doctor of Divinity 1922
Hubbard, Bela Doctor of Divinity 1804
Hubbard, John Master of Arts 1730
Hubbard, Moses Bachelor of Arts 1765
Hubbard, Richard Dudley Doctor of Laws 1877
Hubbard, Richard William Master of Arts 1874
Hubbard, Samuel Doctor of Laws 1827
Hubbard, Stephen Grosvesnor Master of Arts 1860
Hubbard, Thomas Doctor of Medicine 1818
Huerta, Dolores C. Doctor of Laws 2021
Hufstefler, Shirley M. Doctor of Laws 1981
Huggins, Charles Brenton Master of Science 1947
Hughes, Charles Evans Doctor of Laws 1915
Hughes, Joseph Doctor of Divinity 1820
Hugo, Harold Master of Arts 1963
Hull, Albert Wallace Doctor of Science 1947
Hull, Cordell Doctor of Laws 1937
Hume, Edward H. Master of Arts 1912
Hume, Edward Sackett Master of Arts 1892
Hume, Robert Allen Doctor of Divinity 1895
Humphrey, George M. Doctor of Laws 1955
Hun, Henry Master of Arts 1914
Hungerford, William Doctor of Laws 1856
Hunt, Chester Doctor of Medicine 1833
Hunt, David Doctor of Medicine 1818
Hunt, Eleazar Doctor of Medicine 1826
Hunt, William Henry Master of Arts 1896
Huntington, Andrew Doctor of Medicine 1824
Huntington, Archer Milton Master of Arts 1897
Huntington, David Bachelor of Arts 1773
Huntington, Elijah Baldwin Master of Arts 1851
Huntington, Jedidiah Master of Arts 1770
Huntington, Reverend William Doctor of Divinity 1902
Huntington, Samuel Doctor of Laws 1787
Huntington, Samuel Master of Arts 1779
Hurd, John Codman Doctor of Laws 1877
Hutchings, George Sherburn Master of Arts 1903
Hutchins, Cyrus Doctor of Medicine 1843
Hutchins, Darius Doctor of Medicine 1829
Hutchins, Penuel Doctor of Medicine 1817
Hutchins, William James Doctor of Divinity 1921
Hutchison, W. Bruce Doctor of Humane Letters 1968
Hutton, Laurence Master of Arts 1892
Huxtable, Ada L. Doctor of Humane Letters 1972
Hyde, Allyn Doctor of Medicine 1824
Hyde, Clement Collester Master of Arts 1924
Hyde, James Thomas Doctor of Divinity 1870
Hyde, Oren Master of Arts 1820