Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Gulliver, Henry Strong Master of Arts 1893
Gurley, John Ward Master of Arts 1799
Gustavus Adolphus, His Royal Highness Doctor of Laws 1926
Guthrie, William Dameron Master of Arts 1904
Gutierrez, Gustavo Doctor of Divinity 2009
Habib, Philip C. Doctor of Laws 1982
Hadid, Zaha Doctor of Fine Arts 2006
Hadley, Arthur Twining Master of Arts 1887
Hadley, Morris Doctor of Laws 1963
Haight, Charles Coolidge Master of Arts 1906
Haight, Nathaniel Drake Doctor of Medicine 1870
Haisley, William P. Bachelor of Arts 1861
Hale, Goerge Ellery Doctor of Science 1905
Hale, Nathan Metcalf Bachelor of Arts 1803
Halifax, The Right Honorable Viscount Doctor of Laws 1941
Hall, Asaph Doctor of Laws 1879
Hall, Cameron P. Doctor of Divinity 1963
Hall, Charles Henry Doctor of Laws 1892
Hall, Edward Master of Arts 1845
Hall, Edward Tuck Master of Arts 1960
Hall, Edwin Franklin Bachelor of Laws 1893
Hall, Eli Doctor of Medicine 1841
Hall, Frederic Byron Master of Arts 1890
Hall, Levi Wells Master of Arts 1866
Hall, Willard Preble Master of Arts 1889
Hall, William E. Master of Arts 1955
Hallock, Jeremiah Master of Arts 1788
Halsey, William Smiley Doctor of Medicine 1858
Halstead, William Stewart Doctor of Laws 1904
Hambro, Edvard Doctor of Laws 1971
Hamilton, Edith Doctor of Letters 1959
Hamlin, Chester Doctor of Medicine 1856
Hammarskjold, Dag Doctor of Laws 1957
Hammond, John Hays Doctor of Laws 1925
Hammond, John Hays Master of Arts 1898
Hampden, Walter Master of Arts 1935
Hancock, Herbie Doctor of Music 2020
Hancock, John Master of Arts 1769
Hand, Augustus Noble Doctor of Laws 1939
Hand, Learned Doctor of Laws 1931
Hanks, Nancy Doctor of Humane Letters 1978
Hanna, William Master of Arts 1768
Hannay, Alexander Doctor of Divinity 1881
Harbord, James Guthrie Doctor of Laws 1928
Hare, Robert Master of Arts 1806
Harish-Chandra, Doctor of Science 1981
Harkness, Edward Stephen Master of Arts 1925
Harmon, John Brown Master of Arts 1871
Harnwell, Gaylord Probasco Doctor of Laws 1970
Harper, Orlando Metcalf Master of Arts 1892