Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Gould, Vinson Master of Arts 1800
Gowans, James L. Doctor of Science 1966
Gracie, Robert Master of Arts 1825
Graham, Evarts Ambrose Master of Science 1928
Graham, John Master of Arts 1737
Graham, Jonathan Bachelor of Arts 1770
Graham, Katharine Doctor of Humane Letters 1972
Graham, Martha Doctor of Fine Arts 1971
Graham, William Master of Arts 1819
Granger, Arthur Master of Arts 1840
Granger, Francis Master of Arts 1831
Grant, Henry Allen Master of Arts 1861
Grant, Seth Hastings Master of Arts 1856
Granville, Evelyn Boyd Doctor of Science 2001
Graves, Henry Solon Doctor of Laws 1940
Graves, Nancy Stevenson Doctor of Fine Arts 1992
Graves, William Blair Master of Arts 1902
Gray, George Doctor of Laws 1903
Gray, Hanna Holborn Doctor of Laws 1978
Gray, John Doctor of Medicine 1868
Gray, John Chipman Doctor of Laws 1894
Gray, Samuel Master of Arts 1775
Greeley, William Buckhout Master of Arts 1927
Green, Edith Starrett Doctor of Laws 1965
Green, Jacob Doctor of Medicine 1827
Green, Joseph Master of Arts 1752
Green, Richard William Master of Arts 1833
Green, William Bachelor of Arts 1791
Greene, David Master of Arts 1772
Greene, Jacob Lyman Master of Arts 1898
Greene, Richard Gleason Master of Arts 1873
Greenewalt, Crawford H. Doctor of Science 1969
Greenleaf, Stephen Master of Arts 1750
Greenough, David Stoddard Bachelor of Arts 1805
Greenspan, Alan Doctor of Humane Letters 1999
Greenwood, John Master of Arts 1843
Gregg, James Edgar Doctor of Divinity 1918
Gridley, Horatio Doctor of Medicine 1833
Griggs, John William Doctor of Laws 1899
Griggs, Leverett Doctor of Divinity 1868
Griggs, Maitland Fuller Doctor of Humane Letters 1938
Grimke, Thomas Smith Doctor of Laws 1830
Grinnell, George Bird Doctor of Letters 1921
Griswold, Matthew Doctor of Laws 1779
Griswold, Roger Doctor of Laws 1812
Grubb, William Irwin Doctor of Laws 1932
Gruenther, Alfred M. Doctor of Laws 1957
Gubaidulina, Sofia Doctor of Music 2009
Guha, Ramachandra Doctor of Humanities 2014
Gulick, Sidney Lewis Doctor of Divinity 1914