Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Freund, Paul Doctor of Laws 1972
Friedlander, Lee Doctor of Fine Arts 2004
Friedman, Jeffrey Michael Doctor of Medical Sciences 2015
Frost, Edward Master of Arts 1840
Frost, Robert Doctor of Letters 1924
Fry, Franklin C. Doctor of Divinity 1960
Fuess, Claude Moore Doctor of Letters 1934
Fugard, Athol Doctor of Fine Arts 1983
Fulbright, James W. Doctor of Laws 1953
Fuller, Andrew Doctor of Divinity 1804
Fuller, Daniel Doctor of Medicine 1831
Fuller, Josiah Doctor of Medicine 1823
Fuller, Silas Doctor of Medicine 1823
Fulton of Flamer, The Right Hon. Lord Doctor of Laws 1967
Fulton, William S. Doctor of Humane Letters 1960
Furniss, Edgar S. Doctor of Laws 1958
Futter, Ellen V. Doctor of Humane Letters 2001
G rard, Conrad Alexandre Doctor of Laws 1779
Gabrilowitsch, Ossip Master of Arts 1924
Gaffney, Matthew P. Doctor of Laws 1953
Galatti, Stephen Master of Arts 1956
Gallaudet, Edward Miner Doctor of Laws 1895
Gallup, Elias Master of Arts 1807
Galpin, Samuel Arthur Master of Arts 1880
Gamble, James Lawder Master of Science 1930
Gamble, William Master of Arts 1871
Gannett, Ezra Stiles Bachelor of Arts 1820
Gannett, John Mico Bachelor of Arts 1802
Gannett, Thomas Brattle Bachelor of Arts 1809
Gardner, Dame H. Doctor of Humane Letters 1973
Gardner, Dorsey Master of Arts 1890
Gardner, James Terry Bachelor of Philosophy 1868
Gardner, John W. Doctor of Laws 1974
Gardner, Leroy Upson Master of Science 1940
Garrison, Fielding Hudson Doctor of Letters 1932
Garrison, Winfred E. Doctor of Divinity 1964
Garvan, Francis Patrick Master of Arts 1922
Gates, Artemus Lamb Master of Arts 1942
Gates, Robert M. Doctor of Humane Letters 2012
Gates, Thomas S. Doctor of Laws 1961
Geddes,Auckland Campbell, Rt. Hon. Sir Doctor of Laws 1920
Geertz, Clifford Doctor of Social Science 1987
Gehry, Frank O. Doctor of Fine Arts 2000
Gell-Mann, Murray Doctor of Science 1959
Genung, John Franklin Doctor of Divinity 1905
George, William Cornelius Bachelor of Arts 1762
Giamatti, A. Bartlett Doctor of Humane Letters 1986
Giamatti, Paul Doctor of Fine Arts 2023
Gibbs, George Master of Arts 1808
Gibson, Eleanor Jack Doctor of Social Science 1996