Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Cruz, Celia Doctor of Music 1989
Culver, Moses Master of Arts 1853
Cumming, Hugh Smith Doctor of Laws 1933
Curie,Marie, Madame Doctor of Science 1921
Curtis, Edward Lewis Doctor of Divinity 1891
Curtis, Josiah Master of Arts 1860
Curtiss, Julian Wheeler Master of Arts 1926
Cushing, Harvey Doctor of Science 1919
Cushing, Harvey Master of Arts 1913
Cushing, Thomas Master of Arts 1750
Cushing, William Master of Arts 1753
Cushing, William Lee Master of Arts 1882
Cushman, Elisha Master of Arts 1824
Cutler, Lloyd N. Doctor of Laws 1983
Cutler, Manasseh Doctor of Laws 1791
Cuyler, Thomas Dewitt Doctor of Laws 1920
D rpfeld, Wilhelm Doctor of Laws 1895
Daggett, David Doctor of Laws 1827
Dakin, Henry Drysdale Doctor of Science 1918
Dale, Robert William Doctor of Divinity 1877
dalVerme, Francesco Doctor of Laws 1783
Damrosch, Frank Heino Doctor of Music 1904
Dana, Josiah Master of Arts 1766
Dana, Samuel Trask Doctor of Science 1953
Danford, Robert Melville Master of Arts 1917
Daniels, Joseph Leonard Doctor of Divinity 1894
Danticat, Edwidge Doctor of Letters 2013
Dantzig, George B. Doctor of Science 1978
Darlington, William Doctor of Laws 1848
Darnton, Robert Doctor of Humanities 2012
Darrach, William Master of Arts 1920
Davenport, John Master of Arts 1785
Davenport, Russell Wheeler Master of Arts 1898
Davenport, William Bates Master of Arts 1887
Davie, Winston Jones Master of Arts 1877
Davies, Gustavus Fellowes Master of Arts 1833
Davies, Thomas Frederick Doctor of Divinity 1891
Davis, Anthony Master of Arts 1737
Davis, John Staige Master of Arts 1925
Davis, John William Doctor of Laws 1921
Davis, Leonard M. Master of Arts 1816
Davis, Natalie Zemon Doctor of Humanities 2013
Davis,Katherine Bement, Miss Master of Arts 1915
Davison, Henry Pomeroy Doctor of Laws 1918
Dawes, Henry Laurens Doctor of Laws 1889
Day, Frank Miles Master of Arts 1916
Day, Henry Mills Bachelor of Arts 1859
Day, Israel Master of Arts 1817
Day, Jr., Clarence Master of Arts 1926
Day, Thomas Doctor of Laws 1847