Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Name Degree Yearsort ascending
Goodrich, Elizur Bachelor of Arts 1806
Hare, Robert Master of Arts 1806
Kendal, Samuel Doctor of Divinity 1806
Perry, Frederick Master of Arts 1806
Robbins, James Watson Master of Arts 1806
Sturges, Jonathan Doctor of Laws 1806
Vaux, George Master of Arts 1806
Austin, Aaron Master of Arts 1805
Brimmer, John Ambourloin Master of Arts 1805
Cary, Samuel Bachelor of Arts 1805
Chapman, George Thomas Bachelor of Arts 1805
Greenough, David Stoddard Bachelor of Arts 1805
Smith, John Wheelock Bachelor of Arts 1805
Smith, Robert Bachelor of Arts 1805
Strong, Nathan Master of Arts 1805
Fuller, Andrew Doctor of Divinity 1804
Goodhue, Benjamin Master of Arts 1804
Hubbard, Bela Doctor of Divinity 1804
Orne, Samuel Bachelor of Arts 1804
Stone, Timothy Master of Arts 1804
Tucker, Ichabod Master of Arts 1804
Watson, James Talcott Bachelor of Arts 1804
White, Daniel Appleton Master of Arts 1804
Hale, Nathan Metcalf Bachelor of Arts 1803
Rich, Thomas Master of Arts 1803
Strong, Cyprian Doctor of Divinity 1803
Wadsworth, John Bachelor of Arts 1803
Willard, John Doctor of Divinity 1803
Crossman, Joseph Warren Master of Arts 1803
Fanning, Edmund Doctor of Laws 1803
Codman, John Bachelor of Arts 1802
Crosby, John Player Bachelor of Arts 1802
Gannett, John Mico Bachelor of Arts 1802
Hopkins, Samuel Doctor of Divinity 1802
King, Asa Master of Arts 1802
Law, Richard Doctor of Laws 1802
Lyman, Simeon Bachelor of Arts 1802
Pearson, Eliphalet Doctor of Laws 1802
Saltonstall, Leverett Bachelor of Arts 1802
Strong, Nathan Bachelor of Arts 1802
Bartlett, Jonathan Master of Arts 1801
Miller, Samuel Master of Arts 1801
Pomeroy, Jonathan Master of Arts 1801
Thompson, Amos Garrett Master of Arts 1801
Roe, Azel Doctor of Divinity 1800
Ruggles, Philo Master of Arts 1800
Strong, Hezekiah Wright Master of Arts 1800
Treadwell, John Doctor of Laws 1800
Weeks, Holland Master of Arts 1800
Gould, Vinson Master of Arts 1800