Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Name Degree Yearsort ascending
Johnson, Charles Frederick Doctor of Letters 1898
Knight, George Henry Master of Arts 1898
McKinley, William Doctor of Laws 1898
Merriman, Daniel Doctor of Divinity 1898
Perry, David Brainerd Doctor of Divinity 1898
Tufts, George Keyes Master of Arts 1898
Vann, Irving Goodwin Doctor of Laws 1898
Wadsworth, James Wolcott Master of Arts 1898
Ely, Theodore Newel Master of Arts 1897
Huntington, Archer Milton Master of Arts 1897
Lang, Henry Roseman Master of Arts 1897
Lines, Edwin Stevens Doctor of Divinity 1897
Mahan, Alfred Thayer Doctor of Laws 1897
McCabe, William Gordon Doctor of Letters 1897
Moore, George Foote Doctor of Divinity 1897
Prudden, Theophil Mitchell Doctor of Laws 1897
Tiffany, Charles Comfort Doctor of Divinity 1897
Watson, John Doctor of Divinity 1897
Wurts, John Master of Arts 1897
Abbey, Edwin Austin Doctor of Laws 1897
Benton, Charles William Master of Arts 1897
Chadwick, Charles Noyes Master of Arts 1897
Chadwick, George Whitfield Master of Arts 1897
Church, Samuel Harden Master of Arts 1897
Ely, John Slade Master of Arts 1897
Bacon, Theodore Doctor of Laws 1896
Bingham, Theodore Alfred Master of Arts 1896
Brown, Charles Francis Doctor of Laws 1896
Foster, John Watson Doctor of Laws 1896
Hunt, William Henry Master of Arts 1896
LaFarge, John Master of Arts 1896
Learned, Dwight Whitney Doctor of Divinity 1896
Loomis, Dwight Doctor of Laws 1896
Lusk, Graham Master of Arts 1896
Peckham, Rufus Wheeler Doctor of Laws 1896
Penfield, Samuel Lewis Master of Arts 1896
Reynolds, Horatio McLeod Master of Arts 1896
vanDyke, Henry Doctor of Divinity 1896
Welch, William Henry Doctor of Laws 1896
Wells, Horace Lemuel Master of Arts 1896
Wolcott, Henry Roger Master of Arts 1896
Gallaudet, Edward Miner Doctor of Laws 1895
Harris, William Torrey Doctor of Laws 1895
Hopkins, Edward Washburn Master of Arts 1895
Hume, Robert Allen Doctor of Divinity 1895
Mayo, William Carrington Master of Arts 1895
Peters, John Punnett Doctor of Divinity 1895
Rowland, Henry Augustus Doctor of Laws 1895
Smyth, Newman Doctor of Divinity 1895
Tucker, William Jewett Doctor of Laws 1895