Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Name Degree Yearsort ascending
Lanman, Charles Rockwell Doctor of Laws 1902
Lodge, Henry Cabot Doctor of Laws 1902
Ogden, Robert Curtis Master of Arts 1902
Park, Roswell Doctor of Laws 1902
Peabody, Endicott Master of Arts 1902
Riley, James Whitcomb Master of Arts 1902
Whittlesey, Eliphalet Doctor of Laws 1902
Houghteling, James Lawrence Master of Arts 1901
Pinchot, Gifford Master of Arts 1901
Taylor, James Monroe Doctor of Divinity 1901
Martens, Fedor Fedorovic Doctor of Laws 1901
Walker, Williston Doctor of Divinity 1901
Wilson, Edmund Beecher Doctor of Laws 1901
Beach, Harlan Page Master of Arts 1901
Betts, Frederick Henry Doctor of Laws 1901
De Vinne, Theodore Low Master of Arts 1901
Dodge, William Earle Master of Arts 1901
Faunce, William Herbert Perry Doctor of Divinity 1901
Bigelow, Poultney Master of Arts 1900
Clarke,William Newton, Rev. Doctor of Divinity 1900
Dutton, Samuel Train Master of Arts 1900
Eaton,Edward Dwight, Rev. Doctor of Divinity 1900
Kendall, Calvin Noyes Master of Arts 1900
Kennedy, Julian Master of Arts 1900
Root,Elihu, Honorable Doctor of Laws 1900
Speer, Robert Eliot Master of Arts 1900
Stimson,Lewis Atterbury, Dr. Doctor of Laws 1900
Kingsbury, Frederick John Doctor of Laws 1899
Livingston, Herman Master of Arts 1899
McClintock, Emory Doctor of Laws 1899
Minot, Charles Sedgwick Doctor of Laws 1899
Mott, John R. Master of Arts 1899
Otis, William Augustus Master of Arts 1899
Pierpont, James Master of Arts 1899
Smith, George Adam Doctor of Divinity 1899
Thomas, John Hampden Master of Arts 1899
von Rottenburg, Franz Johannes Doctor of Laws 1899
Wise, William Clinton Master of Arts 1899
Adams, Frederic Doctor of Laws 1899
Beebe, William Master of Arts 1899
Brookings, Robert Somers Master of Arts 1899
Bunce, Francis Marvin Master of Arts 1899
Dodge, David Stuart Doctor of Divinity 1899
Griggs, John William Doctor of Laws 1899
Andrews, Charles Doctor of Laws 1898
Barnum, Henry Samuel Doctor of Divinity 1898
Brewster, Chauncey Bunce Doctor of Divinity 1898
Davenport, Russell Wheeler Master of Arts 1898
Greene, Jacob Lyman Master of Arts 1898
Hammond, John Hays Master of Arts 1898