Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Name Degree Yearsort ascending
Noyes, Arthur Amos Doctor of Science 1913
Prentice, Samuel Oscar Doctor of Laws 1913
Seymour, George Dudley Master of Arts 1913
Twichell, Joseph Hopkins Doctor of Divinity 1913
Vincent,Boyd, Rt. Rev. Doctor of Divinity 1913
Willston, Samuel Wendell Doctor of Science 1913
Brown, Arthur Judson Doctor of Divinity 1913
Cushing, Harvey Master of Arts 1913
French, Daniel Chester Master of Arts 1913
Hibben, John Grier Doctor of Laws 1913
Houston, David Franklin Doctor of Laws 1913
Mansfield, Howard Master of Arts 1913
Noyes, Alfred Doctor of Letters 1913
Abbott, Frank Frost Master of Arts 1912
Beaux, Cecilia Master of Arts 1912
East,Alfred, Sir Doctor of Laws 1912
Eddy, Henry Turner Doctor of Science 1912
Goethals,George Washington, Col. Doctor of Laws 1912
Hooker, William Brian Master of Arts 1912
Hume, Edward H. Master of Arts 1912
Janeway, Theodore Caldwell Master of Arts 1912
Jepson, Benjamin Master of Arts 1912
Lyman, Eugene William Doctor of Divinity 1912
MacVeagh, Franklin Doctor of Laws 1912
Wells, Harry Gideon Master of Arts 1912
Atterbury, William W. Master of Arts 1911
Boardman, Mabel Thorpe Master of Arts 1911
Brooker, Charles Frederick Master of Arts 1911
Howell, William Henry Doctor of Science 1911
Kneisel, Franz Doctor of Music 1911
Knox, George William Doctor of Divinity 1911
Lamar, Joseph Rucker Doctor of Laws 1911
Liang, Tun Yen Doctor of Laws 1911
McClintock, Walter Master of Arts 1911
Muir, John Doctor of Letters 1911
Royce, Josiah Doctor of Laws 1911
Vincent, George Edgar Doctor of Laws 1911
Burroughs, John Doctor of Letters 1910
Coley, William Bradley Master of Arts 1910
Cox, Kenyon Master of Arts 1910
Flexner, Simon Doctor of Science 1910
Frear, Walter Francis Doctor of Laws 1910
Hill, James Jerome Doctor of Laws 1910
Jacobus, Melancthon Williams Doctor of Divinity 1910
Newberry, Truman Handy Master of Arts 1910
Osborne, Thomas Doctor of Science 1910
Walcott, Charles Doolittle Doctor of Laws 1910
Addams, Jane Master of Arts 1910
Blake, Joseph Augustus Master of Arts 1909
Dickinson, Jacob McGavock Doctor of Laws 1909