Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Name Degree Yearsort ascending
Tuttle, Daniel Sylvester Doctor of Divinity 1918
Walcott, Frederic Collin Master of Arts 1917
Weir, Julian Alden Master of Arts 1917
Whiting, Arthur Master of Arts 1917
Briggs, LeBaron Russell Doctor of Laws 1917
Case, Shirley Jackson Doctor of Divinity 1917
Danford, Robert Melville Master of Arts 1917
Herrick, Myron Timothy Doctor of Laws 1917
Hornaday, William Temple Master of Arts 1917
Jay, Pierre Master of Arts 1917
Kelman, John Doctor of Divinity 1917
Paderewski, Ignace Jan Doctor of Music 1917
Pease, Frederick Noah Master of Arts 1917
Rutherford,Ernest, Sir Doctor of Science 1917
Ryerson, Martin Antoine Master of Arts 1917
Smith, Theobald Doctor of Science 1917
Tardieu, Andre Pierre Gabriel Amedee Doctor of Laws 1917
Adams, Elmer Bragg Doctor of Laws 1916
Adams, Herbert Master of Arts 1916
Baldwin, Simeon Eben Doctor of Laws 1916
Bevan, Arthur Dean Master of Arts 1916
Chapman, John Jay Doctor of Letters 1916
Day, Frank Miles Master of Arts 1916
Dinsmore, Charles Allen Doctor of Divinity 1916
Eddy, George Sherwood Master of Arts 1916
Koo, Vii Kuin Wellington Doctor of Laws 1916
Lyman, David Russell Master of Arts 1916
Sargent, John Singer Doctor of Laws 1916
Birney, Lauress John Doctor of Divinity 1915
Coffin, Henry Sloane Doctor of Divinity 1915
Cram, Ralph Adams Doctor of Laws 1915
Davis,Katherine Bement, Miss Master of Arts 1915
Herr,Edwin Musser Master of Arts 1915
Hughes, Charles Evans Doctor of Laws 1915
Moore, George Foot Doctor of Letters 1915
Stiles, Charles Wardell Doctor of Science 1915
Stone, Melville Elijah Master of Arts 1915
Thayer, William Roscoe Doctor of Letters 1915
Hartness, James Master of Arts 1914
Howland, John Master of Arts 1914
Hun, Henry Master of Arts 1914
Joslin, Elliott Proctor Master of Arts 1914
Murphy, Fred Towsley Master of Arts 1914
Naon, Romulo Doctor of Laws 1914
Pepper, George Wharton Doctor of Laws 1914
Sibelius,Jean, Dr. Doctor of Music 1914
Smith, Edgar Fahs Doctor of Science 1914
Smith, Oliver Cotton Master of Arts 1914
Strong, Richard Pearson Doctor of Science 1914
Verdi, William Francis Master of Arts 1914