Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Name Degree Yearsort ascending
Wilkie, Wendell Lewis Doctor of Laws 1941
Howe, Arthur Master of Arts 1940
LaGuardia, Fiorello Doctor of Laws 1940
Lothian, The Marquess of Doctor of Laws 1940
Sandburg, Carl Doctor of Letters 1940
Shih, Hu Doctor of Laws 1940
Tillich, Paul Doctor of Divinity 1940
Clarke, Gilmore David Doctor of Humane Letters 1940
Doisy, Edward Adelbert Doctor of Science 1940
Gardner, Leroy Upson Master of Science 1940
Graves, Henry Solon Doctor of Laws 1940
Benes, Eduard Doctor of Laws 1939
Delano, William Adams Master of Arts 1939
Fischer, Arthur Frederick Master of Arts 1939
Goodpasture, Ernest William Master of Science 1939
Hand, Augustus Noble Doctor of Laws 1939
Harrison, Ross Granville Doctor of Science 1939
MacLeish, Archibald Doctor of Letters 1939
Stewart, George Doctor of Divinity 1939
Wilson, Hugh Robert Doctor of Laws 1939
Zinsser, Hans Doctor of Science 1939
Mann, Thomas Doctor of Letters 1938
McConaughy, James Lukens Doctor of Laws 1938
Noyes, Morgan Phelps Doctor of Divinity 1938
Peabody, Endicott Doctor of Laws 1938
Reed, Stanley Forman Doctor of Laws 1938
Robbins, Howard Chandler Doctor of Divinity 1938
Stanley, Wendell Meredith Doctor of Science 1938
Tweedsmuir, Lord Doctor of Laws 1938
Disney, Walter Elias Master of Arts 1938
Griggs, Maitland Fuller Doctor of Humane Letters 1938
Koussevitzky, Serge Doctor of Music 1938
Landis, Eugene Markley Master of Science 1938
Benet, Stephen Vincent Doctor of Letters 1937
Buckland, Edward Grant Doctor of Laws 1937
Hobson, Henry Wise Doctor of Divinity 1937
Hull, Cordell Doctor of Laws 1937
K'Ung, H.H. Doctor of Laws 1937
Lawrence, Ernest Orlando Doctor of Science 1937
McClure, Jr. James Gore King Master of Arts 1937
Northrop, John Howard Doctor of Science 1937
Root, Robert Kilburn Doctor of Letters 1937
Smith, Homer William Master of Science 1937
Trippe, Juan Terry Master of Arts 1937
Fisher, Samuel Herbert Doctor of Laws 1936
Lewis, Sinclair Doctor of Letters 1936
Lobenstine, Edwin Carlyle Doctor of Divinity 1936
McFee, William Master of Arts 1936
Milles, Carl Doctor of Humane Letters 1936
Moses, Robert Master of Arts 1936