Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Name Degree Yearsort ascending
Buck, Sir Peter Henry Doctor of Science 1951
Clark, John Maurice Doctor of Letters 1951
Corbin, Arthur Linton Doctor of Laws 1951
Cori, Gerty Therese Doctor of Science 1951
Dewey, John Doctor of Letters 1951
Godel, Kurt Doctor of Letters 1951
Hoffman, Paul Gray Doctor of Laws 1950
Kendall, Edward Calvin Doctor of Science 1950
Kennan, George Frost Doctor of Laws 1950
Leffingwell, Russell Cornell Doctor of Laws 1950
Marin, John Doctor of Fine Arts 1950
Marquand, John Phillips Doctor of Letters 1950
Reid, Helen Rogers Doctor of Humane Letters 1950
Reisner, John Henry Master of Arts 1950
Smadel, Joseph Edwin Master of Science 1950
Stakman, Elvin Charles Doctor of Science 1950
Weigle, Luther Allan Doctor of Divinity 1950
McCloy, John Jay Doctor of Laws 1949
Morison, Samuel Eliot Doctor of Letters 1949
Nash, Norman Burdett Doctor of Divinity 1949
Rollins, Carl Purington Doctor of Humane Letters 1949
Rous, Peyton Doctor of Science 1949
Saarinen, Eero Master of Arts 1949
Wright, Sewall Doctor of Science 1949
Bissell, Jr., Richard Mervin Master of Arts 1949
Canham, Erwin Dain Doctor of Humane Letters 1949
Clay, Lucius DuBignon Doctor of Laws 1949
Coe, William Robertson Master of Arts 1949
Dodge, Bayard Doctor of Laws 1949
Adams, Roger Doctor of Science 1948
Belmont, Eleanor Robson Master of Arts 1948
Cavert, Samuel McCrea Doctor of Divinity 1948
Cockburn, James Hutchison Doctor of Divinity 1948
Eagle, Harry Master of Science 1948
Eisenhower, General Dwight David Doctor of Laws 1948
Goodhart, Arthur Lehman Doctor of Laws 1948
O'Brian, John Lord Doctor of Laws 1948
White, Elwyn Brooks Doctor of Letters 1948
Byrnes, James Francis Doctor of Laws 1947
Coe, Wesley Roswell Doctor of Science 1947
Eliot, Thomas Stearns Doctor of Letters 1947
Evans, Alexander William Doctor of Science 1947
Hersey, John Master of Arts 1947
Huggins, Charles Brenton Master of Science 1947
Hull, Albert Wallace Doctor of Science 1947
Pauling, Linus Carl Doctor of Science 1947
Porter, Richard William Doctor of Science 1947
Rose, William Cumming Doctor of Science 1947
Smith, George Milton Doctor of Laws 1947
Swan, Thomas Walter Doctor of Laws 1947