Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Name Degree Yearsort descending
Flint, Austin Doctor of Laws 1881
Gorringe, Henry Honeychurch Master of Arts 1881
Hannay, Alexander Doctor of Divinity 1881
Howells, William Dean Master of Arts 1881
Leavenworth, Elias Warner Doctor of Laws 1881
Peters, George Absalom Master of Arts 1881
Robinson, William Callyhan Master of Arts 1881
Smith, William Nathan Harrell Doctor of Laws 1881
Walker, Francis Amasa Doctor of Laws 1881
Wayland, Francis Master of Arts 1881
Barrows, William Eliot Master of Arts 1882
Brooks, Joshua Twing Master of Arts 1882
Crapo, William Wallace Doctor of Laws 1882
Cushing, William Lee Master of Arts 1882
Martinez, Marcial Doctor of Laws 1882
Runyon, Theodore Doctor of Laws 1882
Street, Owen Doctor of Divinity 1882
Pettengill, Benjamin Dean Master of Arts 1883
Sands, Henry Berton Master of Arts 1883
Shiras, George Doctor of Laws 1883
Torrance, David Master of Arts 1883
Twombly, Alexander Stevenson Doctor of Divinity 1883
Waller, Thomas McDonald Master of Arts 1883
Williams, John Doctor of Divinity 1883
Wolcott, Edward Oliver Master of Arts 1883
Woods, William Burnham Doctor of Laws 1883
Bayard, Thomas Francis Doctor of Laws 1883
Cable, George Washington Master of Arts 1883
Hincks, Edward Young Master of Arts 1883
Moore, George Foote Master of Arts 1883
Chapin, Edward Rockwell Master of Arts 1884
Dean, Richard Crain Master of Arts 1884
Fenn, William Henry Doctor of Divinity 1884
Hoadly, George Doctor of Laws 1884
Richards, Charles Brinckerhoff Master of Arts 1884
Roberts, Ellis Henry Doctor of Laws 1884
Shipman, Nathaniel Doctor of Laws 1884
Southmayd, Charles Ferdinand Doctor of Laws 1884
Trumbull, David Doctor of Divinity 1884
Twining, Kinsley Doctor of Divinity 1884
Brastow, Lewis Orsmond Master of Arts 1885
Chesebrough, Amos Sheffield Doctor of Divinity 1885
Coe, Edward Benton Doctor of Divinity 1885
Harrison, Henry Baldwin Doctor of Laws 1885
Hincks, Edward Young Doctor of Divinity 1885
Hoar, George Frisbie Doctor of Laws 1885
Honey, Frederic Robertson Bachelor of Philosophy 1885
Howell, George Rogers Master of Arts 1885
Johnson, Charles Frederick Master of Arts 1885
Reed, Edward Mordecai Master of Arts 1885