Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Name Degree Yearsort descending
Stedman, Charles Harrison Master of Arts 1855
Thrall, Warren Doctor of Medicine 1855
Waite, Henry Matson Doctor of Laws 1855
Bird, William Master of Arts 1856
Chester, Edward Bachelor of Arts 1856
Grant, Seth Hastings Master of Arts 1856
Hamlin, Chester Doctor of Medicine 1856
Hungerford, William Doctor of Laws 1856
Kimball, Gilman Doctor of Medicine 1856
Shears, Alonzo Groesbeck Master of Arts 1856
Sumner, Charles Doctor of Laws 1856
Tomlinson, John Atwood Doctor of Medicine 1856
Whiton, James Morris Master of Arts 1856
Brush, George Jarvis Master of Arts 1857
Deming, Ralph Doctor of Medicine 1857
Duffield, Divie Bethune Master of Arts 1857
Johnson, Samuel William Master of Arts 1857
Porter, Charles Hogeboom Master of Arts 1857
Selden, Henry Rogers Doctor of Laws 1857
Thomas, Charles Warner Master of Arts 1857
Stearns, William F. Doctor of Laws 1858
Trumbull, Lyman Doctor of Laws 1858
Tucker, Luther Henry Bachelor of Arts 1858
Weld, Mason Cogswell Bachelor of Philosophy 1858
Wheatley, Charles Moore Master of Arts 1858
Andrews, Israel DeWolf Master of Arts 1858
Benedict, George Amos Master of Arts 1858
Bidwell, Marshall Spring Doctor of Laws 1858
Halsey, William Smiley Doctor of Medicine 1858
Parker, Peter Master of Arts 1858
Sanford, Leonard Jacob Master of Arts 1858
Stadtm ller, Louis Bachelor of Philosophy 1858
Barnard, Frederick Augustus Porter Doctor of Laws 1859
Brewer, William Henry Master of Arts 1859
Burr, Samuel Jones Master of Arts 1859
Day, Henry Mills Bachelor of Arts 1859
Donaghe, William Rice Master of Arts 1859
Ruggles, Samuel Bulkley Doctor of Laws 1859
Smith, Oscar Moses Master of Arts 1859
Thomson, Asahel Doctor of Medicine 1859
Trask, John Boardman Doctor of Medicine 1859
Wight, Orlando Williams Master of Arts 1859
Park, John Duane Master of Arts 1860
Perkins, Frederick Beecher Master of Arts 1860
Seely, Henry Martyn Master of Arts 1860
Anthony, William Arnold Bachelor of Philosophy 1860
Curtis, Josiah Master of Arts 1860
Felton, Cornelius Conway Doctor of Laws 1860
Hubbard, Stephen Grosvesnor Master of Arts 1860
McAllister, Matthew Hall Master of Arts 1860