Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Name Degree Yearsort descending
Cather, Willa Doctor of Letters 1929
Compton, Arthur Holly Doctor of Science 1929
Fisher, Richard Thornton Master of Science 1929
Harrison, George Leslie Master of Arts 1929
Massey, Honorable Vincent Doctor of Laws 1929
Mitchell, William Dewitt Doctor of Laws 1929
Morgan, John Hill Master of Arts 1929
Park, William Hallock Doctor of Science 1929
Sherrill, Henry Knox Doctor of Divinity 1929
Stimson, Henry Lewis Doctor of Laws 1929
Adam, Robert Borthwick Master of Arts 1930
Conklin, Edwin Grant Doctor of Science 1930
Cross, Wilbur Lucius Doctor of Letters 1930
Gamble, James Lawder Master of Science 1930
Gillette, William Master of Arts 1930
Harrison, Paul Wilberforce Master of Arts 1930
Lindsay, Right Honorable Sir Ronald Charles Doctor of Laws 1930
McConnell, Francis John Doctor of Divinity 1930
Schuchert, Charles Doctor of Science 1930
Thacher, Thomas Day Doctor of Laws 1930
Adee, George Townsend Master of Arts 1931
Detwiler, Samuel Randall Master of Science 1931
Freeman, John Ripley Doctor of Science 1931
Gibson, Hugh Doctor of Laws 1931
Hand, Learned Doctor of Laws 1931
Opie, Eugene Lindsay Doctor of Science 1931
Porter, Frank Chamberlin Doctor of Divinity 1931
Rogers, James Grafton Master of Arts 1931
Root, Edwin Park Master of Arts 1931
Wilbur, Ray Lyman Doctor of Laws 1931
Amman, Othmar Hermann Master of Science 1932
Baker, Newton Diehl Doctor of Laws 1932
Becker, Carl Lotus Doctor of Letters 1932
Buttrick, George Arthur Doctor of Divinity 1932
Garrison, Fielding Hudson Doctor of Letters 1932
Grubb, William Irwin Doctor of Laws 1932
Lawrie, Lee Master of Arts 1932
Lillie, Frank Rattray Doctor of Science 1932
Meyer, Eugene Doctor of Laws 1932
Noyes, Frank Brett Master of Arts 1932
Cumming, Hugh Smith Doctor of Laws 1933
Dodds, Harold Willis Doctor of Laws 1933
Ellsworth, Lincoln Master of Science 1933
Loomis, Alfred Lee Master of Science 1933
Maltbite, William Millis Doctor of Laws 1933
Peters, Harry Alfred Master of Arts 1933
Richards, Alfred Newton Doctor of Science 1933
Tittle, Ernest Fremont Doctor of Divinity 1933
Winlock, Herbert Eustis Doctor of Letters 1933
Brown, Ernest William Doctor of Science 1933