Bells Will Ring in Harkness Tower to Mark Pandemic Anniversary

March 7, 2022

Members of the Yale University Guild of Carillonneurs Evan Hochstein ‘23, Mitchell Dubin ‘25, and Joyce Liao ‘25, will perform musical selections on the Yale Memorial Carillon in Harkness Tower on Friday, March 11 at noon to mark the second anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program will include “Healing Bells” written in 2020 during the pandemic and based on the Ukrainian folk song “Plyve Kacha”, “Flowers will Bloom” (“Hana wa Saku”), a Japanese song of hope written in 2011, and other selections.

Harkness Tower is located in the center of campus, adjacent to High Street and Library Walk in Branford College, and the bells can be heard across campus.