Political Science

Frank M. Patterson (1939)

FRANK M. PATTERSON (1939). Frank M. Patterson, B.A. 1896. For a senior essay on the American political system. The balance of the annual income will be used for prizes awarded by the Department of Political Science to junior or sophomore majors on the basis of plans submitted in the spring of the year by these students for summer work-study programs.

Wrexham Prize (1992)

WREXHAM PRIZE (1992). Manuscript Society (Wrexham Foundation, Inc.), in memory of Senator Henry John Heinz III, B.A. 1960. For a senior essay or any major essay or piece of writing by an undergraduate in Yale College, in the field of the social sciences, politics, political economy and economics, and emphasizing the link between political and economic ideas, and analysis and public policy. For further information consult the Yale Dean’s Office.

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