Modern Languages

Albert Bildner Travel Prize (1977)

ALBERT BILDNER TRAVEL PRIZE (1977). Albert Bildner, Class of 1937. For Latin American Studies majors and other Yale College students who are in their junior year, for research in the field the summer between the junior and senior years. All students who are doing research on Latin America for their senior essays are eligible to apply; however, preference will be given to Latin American Studies majors.

Wolfgang Leonhard Prize in Russian and East European Studies

WOLFGANG LEONHARD PRIZE IN RUSSIAN AND EAST EUROPEAN STUDIES. Established by the gift of James Leitner, B.A. 1975, the prize honors a distinguished former member of the faculty in Russian and East European Studies. Awarded to the senior who has written the most outstanding senior essay related to Russia or East Europe. Submission deadline: April 27, 2019, 3:00 p.m.


MONTAIGNE. Anonymous gift (1914) and bequest (1932) from Edward Bement, B.A. 1870. For juniors and seniors for proficiency in speaking and writing French. Awarded on the basis of a written or oral examination, the exact date to be announced in March. Not open to students whose French has been chiefly acquired abroad.

Donald Annis (1908)

DONALD ANNIS (1908). Mr. and Mrs. Newton Annis of Detroit, in memory of their son, Donald Annis, Class of 1910. For the best record as a freshman and sophomore in courses in English and German aggregating not less than twelve hours of classroom work.

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