John Hershey (1985)

JOHN HERSEY (1985). Students of John Hersey. To a senior or junior for a body of journalistic work reflecting the spirit and ideals of John Hersey: engagement with moral and social issues, responsible reportage, and consciousness of craftsmanship.

C. Wyllys Betts (1890)

C. WYLLYS BETTS (1890). Established through the Phelps Association by Louis F. H. Betts, B.A. 1891, in memory of his uncle, C. Wyllys Betts, B.A. 1867. For a sophomore for meritorious work in required compositions of the year or in a special essay on a prescribed subject or subject chosen by the student and approved by the faculty.

Donald Annis (1908)

DONALD ANNIS (1908). Mr. and Mrs. Newton Annis of Detroit, in memory of their son, Donald Annis, Class of 1910. For the best record as a freshman and sophomore in courses in English and German aggregating not less than twelve hours of classroom work.

Academy of American Poets (1954)

ACADEMY OF AMERICAN POETS (1954). Mrs. Mary Cummings Eudy, a former member of the Academy. Awarded annually for the best poem or group of poems, unpublished or published in a University magazine, submitted during the year. All unpublished entries for this prize will also be eligible for the Cook Prize. Competition open to all students regularly enrolled in the University.

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