Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible to submit to the Porter and Field prizes?

The Porter and Field Prize competitions are open to all students enrolled in Yale University for a degree.

I completed my studies in December so, I am no longer a student enrolled for degree. Am I eligible to compete in the Porter and Field prize competitions?

Yes, if you were enrolled for degree during any part of the current academic year, you are eligible to submit to the Porter and Field prize competitions.

Do I need to be nominated by a professor or my department in order to apply?

No, the Porter and Field prize competitions are open to all students enrolled for degree, provided that the submissions meet the provisions of the prize indentures listed on the Porter and Field prize web page.


I would like to apply for both prizes, do I need to fill out two copies of the application and provide two copies of my submission?

No need to bring two copies of your submission. If you wish to apply for both the Porter Prize and the Field Prize, please check the boxes next to each prize name on the copy of the application that will accompany your submission.


Can I submit a work written in a language other than English?

Yes, provided that it is accompanied by an English-language translation.

Can I submit a paper with multiple authors if am the lead author?

No. Works submitted must be the sole work of the author.

I am submitting a paper for consideration, how should it be bound?

Any binding is acceptable with the exception of staples. Please see the Porter and Field Binding Guidelines page for more information.

What files must I send electronically?

Please send an electronic version of the application, the abstract (for submissions over 50 pages) and the submission.

What if my electronic file is too large to email?

You may send the submission via the University’s File Transfer program or through the Box at Yale application. Please review the last bullet in the requirements section of the main Porter and Field prize page for instructions on how best to submit your files using these programs.

Will I receive confirmation that my electronic copy has been received?

Yes, you will receive confirmation via email when your electronic copy has been received.

Must I meet the 5 p.m. deadline for the hard copy if I submit my electronic copy beforehand?

Yes. All parts of your submission must be submitted before the 5 p.m. deadline.

If my dissertation has a précis that is more than one page must I re-write it?

Yes, any entry over 50 pages must be accompanied by a separate one-page summary.

After Submission

When will I know the status of my submission and how will I know if I won?

Recipients of the Porter and Field prizes are kept confidential until Commencement day. If you have been awarded a prize and are not on campus for the commencement ceremonies, you will be notified via email.

Will my submission be returned to me after the competition?

Doctoral theses may be picked up from the Office of the Secretary after Commencement. Those that are not claimed by the pick-up deadline will be returned to the relevant department. Other entries (anything other than dissertations) will be discarded unless they were accompanied, at the time of submission, by a self-addressed envelope with proper, paid postage.

Are the names of prize winners listed on the web?

Yes, the names of past prize winners are located on the Porter and Field prize pages on the Office of the Secretary website