Student Advisory Committee

The Student Advisory Committee for the Secretary and Vice President for Student Life is composed of approximately 30 students from across the university. It provides an opportunity for students to develop insight into the functioning and management of the whole university and to convey their vision of Yale to Secretary Goff-Crews and other university leaders.

The committee meets four times a year at 5pm. Its 2018-2019 dates are: October 11, 2018; November 26, 2018; January 30, 2019; and March 5, 2019.

Student Members 2018-19

Yale College
Kate Aitkenhead (Davenport, EP&E, 2019); Ethan Carpenter (Trumbull, Art, 2021); Jackson Cole (Ezra Stiles, EP&E, 2020); EIias Daiute (Saybrook, Political Science, 2020); Kushal Dev (Silliman, Political Science, 2020); Kendall Easley (Ezra Stiles, Political Science, 2020); Frances Fagan (Silliman, Political Science, 2019); Thomas Gould (Timothy Dwight, Humanities, 2020); Elea Hewitt (Branford, Undeclared, 2021); Shah Khan (Trumbull, Statistics and Data Science, 2019); Cameron Koffman (Davenport, EP&E, 2019); Anita Norman (Pauli Murray, Psychology, 2019); Sarah Sotomayor (Branford, Music, 2021).

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Elena Adasheva-Klein (Anthropology, 2024); Marius Constantin (Physics, 2020); Yuri Gloumakov (Mechanical Engineering, 2020); Marta Kalabinski (History, 2019); Winnie Jiang (Management, 2019); Maggie Mayer (Public Health, 2019).

Professional Schools 
David Dupee (Medicine, 2020); Holland Finley (Management, 2020); Jill Langan (Nursing, 2020); Leonardo Lizbinski (Public Health, 2020); José Miguel Pulido (Management, 2019); Allison Rabkin Golden (Law, 2020); Dina Taha (Architecture, 2019); Katie Thatcher (Management, 2019); Jon West (Drama, 2020); Tanya Tajnik (Public Health, 2019); Santi Zindel (F&ES, Management, 2019).