Requirements for Registration as a University Organization

  1. The organization must operate exclusively on a non-profit basis.
  2. Organizations all of whose officers and 50% or more of whose members are undergraduates should register in the Yale College Dean’s Office. Alumni organizations should register with the Association of Yale Alumni. All other organizations, including those associated with the Graduate School and/or a professional school, should register in the Secretary’s Office. (“Officers” are those individuals, regardless of title, who have control of the organization’s membership and finances.)
  3. Every officer of the organization must be either a current, regularly enrolled student at Yale or a Yale employee. A majority of the organization’s active participants must be Yale students or employees.
  4. The principal function of the organization should be clearly evident from the title of the organization.
  5. The proposed name of the organization may not imply University endorsement of the activities or services offered by the group nor imply that the organization is a formal program of the University.
  6. The word “Yale” may not appear in the name of the organization or in any of its publicity or on its stationery until permission to use the Yale name has been granted by the Secretary of the University.
  7. An organization granted permission to use the Yale name, is nonetheless not permitted to use the Yale name on any bank account.
  8. The organization must conform to all regulations issued by the Secretary’s Office and by the University as they may be amended from time to time.
  9. At the beginning of each academic year organizations must re-register and re-apply for authorization to use the Yale name.

By registering an organization or granting to an organization use of the Yale name, the University incurs no obligation or responsibility for that organization’s activities or finances.