Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Williams, Samuel Doctor of Laws 1786
Williams, Samuel Wells Doctor of Laws 1877
Williams, Seth Master of Arts 1773
Williams, Thomas Master of Arts 1741
Williams, Thomas Scott Doctor of Laws 1834
Williams, William Master of Arts 1906
Williams, William Master of Arts 1753
Williams, William Chauncey Doctor of Medicine 1842
Williams, William Frederick Master of Arts 1854
Willis, Deborah Doctor of Humanities 2023
Willis, Zephaniah Master of Arts 1789
Williston, Samuel Doctor of Laws 1926
Willson, James Renwick Master of Arts 1815
Willston, Samuel Wendell Doctor of Science 1913
Wilson, August Doctor of Letters 1988
Wilson, Edmund Beecher Doctor of Laws 1901
Wilson, Edward O. Doctor of Science 1998
Wilson, Hugh Robert Doctor of Laws 1939
Wilson, J. Tuzo Doctor of Science 1982
Wilson, James Master of Arts 1785
Wilson, Owen Meredith Doctor of Laws 1965
Wilson, William Julius Doctor of Social Science 2012
Wing, Yung Doctor of Laws 1876
Winlock, Herbert Eustis Doctor of Letters 1933
Winslow, Gordon Master of Arts 1833
Winslow, Miron Master of Arts 1818
Winternitz, Milton Charles Doctor of Laws 1952
Winthrop, Charles Archibald Master of Arts 1879
Wise, William Clinton Master of Arts 1899
Wiswall, Henry Trowbridge Master of Arts 1875
Witherspoon, John Doctor of Laws 1785
Witter, Asa Doctor of Medicine 1840
Witter, Orin Doctor of Medicine 1845
Wolcott, Edward Oliver Master of Arts 1883
Wolcott, Erastus Master of Arts 1790
Wolcott, Henry Roger Master of Arts 1896
Wolcott, Oliver Doctor of Laws 1819
Wolcott, Oliver Doctor of Laws 1792
Wolfe, George C. Doctor of Fine Arts 2016
Wolfe, Thomas Doctor of Letters 2004
Wonder, Stevie Doctor of Music 2017
Wood, Horatio Charles Doctor of Laws 1889
Wood, Jacob Master of Arts 1783
Wood, Joe Doctor of Humane Letters 1985
Wood, Luke Master of Arts 1808
Wood, Orson Doctor of Medicine 1840
Wood, William Lamont Master of Arts 1854
Woodford, Stewart Lyndon Master of Arts 1866
Woodhull, John Doctor of Divinity 1798
Woodruff, Morris Master of Arts 1874