Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort descending Degree Year
Phelps, William Walter Doctor of Laws 1890
Phillips, Duncan Doctor of Humane Letters 1959
Phillips, Duncan Master of Arts 1934
Piaget, Jean Doctor of Social Science 1970
Pickman, Benjamin Bachelor of Arts 1759
Pidgeon, George Campbell Doctor of Divinity 1926
Pierce, John R. Doctor of Science 1963
Pierpont, James Master of Arts 1899
Pierrepont, Edwards Doctor of Laws 1873
Pierson, Stephen Master of Arts 1888
Pinchot, Gifford Doctor of Laws 1925
Pinchot, Gifford Master of Arts 1901
Pinchot, James Wallace Master of Arts 1905
Pinneo, Bezaleel Master of Arts 1798
Piper, Asa Master of Arts 1782
Pitkin, Timothy Doctor of Laws 1829
Platt, Johnson Tuttle Master of Arts 1873
Platt, Orville Hitchcock Doctor of Laws 1887
Platt, Thomas Collier Master of Arts 1876
Plimpton, Francis T.P. Doctor of Laws 1972
Plumley, Gardiner Spring Doctor of Divinity 1889
Polier, Justine Wise Doctor of Laws 1979
Polisi, Joseph W. Doctor of Music 2014
Polk, Frank Lyon Master of Arts 1918
Polotsky, H.J. Doctor of Humane Letters 1986
Polwin, Lemuel Stoughton Doctor of Divinity 1886
Pomeroy, Hiram Sterling Master of Arts 1891
Pomeroy, Jonathan Master of Arts 1801
Pond, James Otis Doctor of Medicine 1827
Poole, Henry Ward Master of Arts 1875
Pope, John Russell Master of Arts 1924
Porter, Charles Hogeboom Master of Arts 1857
Porter, Cole Doctor of Humane Letters 1960
Porter, Ebenezer Master of Arts 1795
Porter, Frank Chamberlin Doctor of Divinity 1931
Porter, James Master of Arts 1815
Porter, John Bachelor of Arts 1810
Porter, John Addison Doctor of Medicine 1854
Porter, Jonathan Edwards Master of Arts 1810
Porter, Richard William Doctor of Science 1947
Posner, Michael H. Doctor of Laws 2014
Posner, Richard A. Doctor of Laws 1996
Potter, William Henry Master of Arts 1852
Powell, Jr., Lewis F. Doctor of Laws 1989
Pratt, Charles Millard Master of Arts 1903
Pratt, Francis Cole Master of Arts 1925
Pratt, Joseph Hyde Master of Arts 1923
Prentice, Samuel Oscar Doctor of Laws 1913
Press, Frank Doctor of Science 1989
Price, Eliphalet Master of Arts 1826