Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Name Degree Yearsort ascending
Phelps, William Walter Doctor of Laws 1890
Simonds, William Edgar Master of Arts 1890
Strong, Augustus Hopkins Doctor of Divinity 1890
Thomson, Elihu Master of Arts 1890
Behrends, Adolphus Julius Frederick Doctor of Divinity 1890
Billings, Edward Coke Doctor of Laws 1890
Burt, Stephen Smith Master of Arts 1890
Campbell, Loomis Joseph Master of Arts 1890
Cooper, William Frierson Doctor of Laws 1890
Delafield, Francis Doctor of Laws 1890
Bulkeley, Morgan Gardner Master of Arts 1889
Cook, Albert Stanburrough Master of Arts 1889
Dawes, Henry Laurens Doctor of Laws 1889
DeForest, John Kinne Hyde Doctor of Divinity 1889
Fairbairn, Andrew Martin Doctor of Divinity 1889
Fenn, Augustus Hall Master of Arts 1889
Finch, Francis Miles Doctor of Laws 1889
Gilman, Daniel Coit Doctor of Laws 1889
Hall, Willard Preble Master of Arts 1889
Johnston, Henry Phelps Master of Arts 1889
Palmer, Charles Ray Doctor of Divinity 1889
Plumley, Gardiner Spring Doctor of Divinity 1889
Sharp, George Matthews Master of Arts 1889
Sloane, John Master of Arts 1889
Sloane, William Douglas Master of Arts 1889
Waldenstr m, Paul Peter Doctor of Divinity 1889
Wood, Horatio Charles Doctor of Laws 1889
Woodruff, Timothy Lester Master of Arts 1889
Bendelari, George Anacleto Corrado Master of Arts 1888
Clemens, Samuel Langhorne Master of Arts 1888
Goodrich, Caspar Frederick Master of Arts 1888
Helmuth, William Tod Doctor of Laws 1888
Jordan, William Henry Master of Arts 1888
Matthews, Stanley Doctor of Laws 1888
Patton, Francis Landey Doctor of Divinity 1888
Perkins, Samuel Clarke Doctor of Laws 1888
Pierson, Stephen Master of Arts 1888
Ripley, Alfred Lawrence Master of Arts 1888
Robinson, Henry Cornelius Doctor of Laws 1888
Sanford, Elias Benjamin Master of Arts 1888
Stoddard, Henry Master of Arts 1888
Wesson, Frederic Master of Arts 1888
White, Andrew Dickson Doctor of Laws 1888
Whitney, William Collins Doctor of Laws 1888
Adee, Alvery Augustus Master of Arts 1888
Bartlett, Charles Griswold Master of Arts 1888
Richards, Eugene Lamb Master of Arts 1887
Smith, Sidney Irving Master of Arts 1887
Thomas, Elisha Smith Doctor of Divinity 1887
Tucker, John Randolph Doctor of Laws 1887