Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Namesort ascending Degree Year
Houghteling, James Lawrence Master of Arts 1901
Hough, Isaac Insign Doctor of Medicine 1823
Hough, Henry B. Master of Arts 1958
Hough, Charles Merrill Doctor of Laws 1923
Hotchkiss, Rollin D. Doctor of Science 1962
Hotchkin, Beriah Master of Arts 1794
Hosmer, Stephen Titus Doctor of Laws 1823
Horton, Robert Forman Doctor of Divinity 1893
Horton, Ezra Master of Arts 1772
Hortense J. Spillers Doctor of Humanities 2024
Horne, Lena Doctor of Humane Letters 1998
Hornaday, William Temple Master of Arts 1917
Horgan, Paul Doctor of Letters 1977
Horchow, Samuel Roger Doctor of Humane Letters 1999
Hoppin, William Jones Master of Arts 1879
Hopkins, William Fenn Master of Arts 1831
Hopkins, Samuel Miles Doctor of Laws 1828
Hopkins, Samuel Doctor of Divinity 1802
Hopkins, Lemuel Master of Arts 1784
Hopkins, Ernest Martin Doctor of Laws 1925
Hopkins, Edward Washburn Master of Arts 1895
Hopkins, Donald R. Doctor of Medical Sciences 2021
Hopkins, Charles Master of Arts 1886
Hoover, Herbert Clark Doctor of Laws 1918
Hooper, Nathaniel Leech Bachelor of Arts 1821
Hooker, William Brian Master of Arts 1912
Hood, Lee Doctor of Medical Sciences 2009
Honey, Frederic Robertson Bachelor of Philosophy 1885
Holt, George Chandler Doctor of Laws 1904
Holt, Asa Miller Doctor of Medicine 1833
Holmes, Oliver Wendell Doctor of Laws 1886
Holden, Reuben A. Doctor of Humane Letters 1971
Holcombe, John Marshall Master of Arts 1909
Holcomb, Marcus Hensey Doctor of Laws 1921
Holbrook, Zephaniah Swift Master of Arts 1887
Holbrook, Dwight Master of Arts 1886
Hoffmann, Roald Doctor of Science 1980
Hoffman, Paul Gray Doctor of Laws 1950
Hoff, John Francis Master of Arts 1879
Hodges, John Daniel Bachelor of Arts 1874
Hockney, David Doctor of Fine Arts 2005
Hocking, William E. Doctor of Humane Letters 1959
Hochschild, Harold K. Master of Arts 1962
Hobson, Henry Wise Doctor of Divinity 1937
Hobart, John Sloss Doctor of Laws 1793
Hoar, George Frisbie Doctor of Laws 1885
Hoadly, George Doctor of Laws 1884
Hoadley, Charles Jeremy Master of Arts 1879
Hitchcock, Samuel Johnson Doctor of Laws 1842
Hitchcock, Henry Doctor of Laws 1874