Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Name Degree Yearsort descending
Hincks, Carroll C. Doctor of Laws 1952
Lovett, Robert A. Doctor of Laws 1952
Moses, Robert Doctor of Laws 1952
Taft, Charles Phelps Doctor of Laws 1952
Wadsworth, James Wolcott Doctor of Laws 1952
Winternitz, Milton Charles Doctor of Laws 1952
Bartholomew, Marshall Master of Arts 1953
Dana, Samuel Trask Doctor of Science 1953
duPont, Henry Francis Doctor of Humane Letters 1953
Enders, John Franklin Doctor of Science 1953
Fulbright, James W. Doctor of Laws 1953
Gaffney, Matthew P. Doctor of Laws 1953
Hendrickson, George L. Doctor of Laws 1953
Lohmann, Carl A. Doctor of Humane Letters 1953
Mendell, Clarence W. Doctor of Laws 1953
Moe, Henry A. Doctor of Laws 1953
Morse, Hermann N. Doctor of Divinity 1953
Pusey, Nathan M. Doctor of Laws 1953
Pusey, Nathan Marsh Doctor of Laws 1953
Sachs, Paul J. Doctor of Humane Letters 1953
Thurber, James Grover Doctor of Letters 1953
Devanandan, Paul D. Doctor of Divinity 1954
Dibelius, Friedrick Karl Doctor of Divinity 1954
Fisher, Geoffrey F. Doctor of Laws 1954
Kittredge, Henry Crocker Doctor of Humane Letters 1954
Lewis, Edmund Harris Doctor of Laws 1954
Malik, Charles Habib Doctor of Laws 1954
Michael, Archbishop Doctor of Divinity 1954
Needham, Wesley E. Master of Arts 1954
Paton, Alan S. Doctor of Humane Letters 1954
Penfield, Wilder Graves Doctor of Science 1954
Shannon, Claude Elwood Master of Science 1954
Shepley, Ethan A. Hitchcock Doctor of Laws 1954
Spruance, Raymond A. Doctor of Laws 1954
Teller, Edward Doctor of Science 1954
Visser 't Hooft, Willem Adolf Doctor of Divinity 1954
Wright, Frank Lloyd Doctor of Fine Arts 1954
Wright, Louis Booker Doctor of Humane Letters 1954
Smith, Walter Bedell Doctor of Laws 1955
Stevens, Wallace Doctor of Letters 1955
Sturley, Winifred Master of Arts 1955
Benson, John H. Master of Arts 1955
Bronk, Detlev Wulf Doctor of Science 1955
Coe, Albert Buckner Doctor of Divinity 1955
du Vigneaud, Vincent Doctor of Science 1955
Gipson, Lawrence Henry Doctor of Humane Letters 1955
Hall, William E. Master of Arts 1955
Humphrey, George M. Doctor of Laws 1955
Moore, Douglas S. Doctor of Music 1955
Adenauer, Konrad Doctor of Laws 1956