Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Name Degree Yearsort descending
Young, Owen D. Doctor of Laws 1925
O'Neill, Eugene Gladstone Doctor of Letters 1926
Pidgeon, George Campbell Doctor of Divinity 1926
Robinson, Lucius Franklin Doctor of Laws 1926
Wicks, Robert Russell Doctor of Divinity 1926
Williston, Samuel Doctor of Laws 1926
Atterbury, William W. Doctor of Laws 1926
Boyden, Frank Learoyd Master of Arts 1926
Curtiss, Julian Wheeler Master of Arts 1926
Day, Jr., Clarence Master of Arts 1926
Deforest, Lee Doctor of Science 1926
Dochez, Alphonse Raymond Doctor of Science 1926
Forbes, Charles Henry Master of Arts 1926
Gustavus Adolphus, His Royal Highness Doctor of Laws 1926
Loeffler, Charles Martin Tornov Doctor of Music 1926
Luce, Henry Robinson Master of Arts 1926
Mason, Max Doctor of Laws 1926
Mellon, Andrew William Doctor of Laws 1926
Abel, John Jacob Doctor of Science 1927
Blegen, Carl William Master of Arts 1927
Byrd, Richard Evelyn Master of Arts 1927
Chapin, Charles Value Doctor of Laws 1927
Coolidge, Elizabeth Sprague Master of Arts 1927
Gilkey, Charles Whitney Doctor of Divinity 1927
Greeley, William Buckhout Master of Arts 1927
Irvine, Sir James Colquhoun Doctor of Science 1927
Keller, Adolph Doctor of Divinity 1927
Kirschner, Charles Louis Master of Arts 1927
Lawrance, Charles Lanier Master of Arts 1927
Morrow, Dwight Whitney Doctor of Laws 1927
Neilson, William Allan Doctor of Letters 1927
van Devanter, Willis Doctor of Laws 1927
Whipple, George Hoyt Master of Arts 1927
Whitehead, Alfred North Doctor of Science 1927
Russell, George William Doctor of Letters 1928
Sage, Dean Master of Arts 1928
Stoeckel, Robbins Battell Master of Arts 1928
Yen, James Y.C. Master of Arts 1928
Aydelotte, Frank Doctor of Laws 1928
Bannard, Otto Tremont Doctor of Laws 1928
Brown, Charles Reynolds Doctor of Divinity 1928
Claudel, Paul Doctor of Letters 1928
Graham, Evarts Ambrose Master of Science 1928
Harbord, James Guthrie Doctor of Laws 1928
Ives, Herbert Eugene Doctor of Science 1928
Kappers, C. Ubo Ariens Doctor of Science 1928
Lowes, John Livingston Doctor of Letters 1928
Rogers, Bruce Master of Arts 1928
Bacon, Benjamin Wisner Doctor of Divinity 1929
Carmalt, William Henry Doctor of Laws 1929