Honorary Degrees Since 1702

Name Degree Yearsort descending
Nutting, Mary Adelaide Master of Arts 1922
Ochs, Adolph S. Master of Arts 1922
Robinson, Edwin Arlington Doctor of Letters 1922
Sperry, Willard Learoyd Doctor of Divinity 1922
Warren, Lloyd Master of Arts 1922
Yen, Fu-Chun Master of Arts 1922
Cannon, Walter Bradford Doctor of Science 1923
Chandler, John Scudder Doctor of Divinity 1923
Eno, William Phelps Master of Arts 1923
Farnam, Henry Walcott Doctor of Laws 1923
Farrand, Livingston Doctor of Laws 1923
Fosdick, Harry Emerson Doctor of Divinity 1923
Hough, Charles Merrill Doctor of Laws 1923
Loeb, Jacques Doctor of Science 1923
Osborn, Henry Fairfield Doctor of Science 1923
Pratt, Joseph Hyde Master of Arts 1923
Thacher, Sherman Day Master of Arts 1923
Wharton, Edith Doctor of Letters 1923
Woolley, Mary Emma Doctor of Laws 1923
Brush, George Deforest Master of Arts 1923
Caetani, Prince Gelasio Doctor of Laws 1923
Adams, George Burton Doctor of Laws 1924
Banting, Frederick Grant Doctor of Science 1924
Carter, Howard Doctor of Science 1924
Frost, Robert Doctor of Letters 1924
Gabrilowitsch, Ossip Master of Arts 1924
Hyde, Clement Collester Master of Arts 1924
King,William Lyon Mackenzie, Right Honorable Doctor of Laws 1924
Kinley, David Doctor of Laws 1924
Kittredge, George Lyman Doctor of Letters 1924
Mason, William Smith Master of Arts 1924
Moody, Paul Dwight Doctor of Divinity 1924
Parsons, Edward Lambe Doctor of Divinity 1924
Pope, John Russell Master of Arts 1924
Stone, Harlan Fiske Doctor of Laws 1924
Williams, Frederick Wells Master of Arts 1924
Harkness, Edward Stephen Master of Arts 1925
Hopkins, Ernest Martin Doctor of Laws 1925
Manly, John Matthews Doctor of Letters 1925
Millikan, Robert Andrews Doctor of Science 1925
Moore, John Monroe Doctor of Divinity 1925
Morrill, Arthur Boothby Master of Arts 1925
Pinchot, Gifford Doctor of Laws 1925
Pratt, Francis Cole Master of Arts 1925
Repplier, Agnes Doctor of Letters 1925
Sheffield, James Rockwell Doctor of Laws 1925
van Slyke, Donald Dexter Doctor of Science 1925
Young, Owen D. Doctor of Laws 1925
Cadman, Samuel Parkes Doctor of Divinity 1925
Davis, John Staige Master of Arts 1925