Authentication of Documents and the Apostille

Connecticut Secretary of the State

Please refer to the Connecticut Secretary of the State website to obtain information on Authentication/Apostille of your diploma. Graduates may submit the Authentication/Apostille Order Form to the Yale University, Office of the Secretary together with applications for required diploma related documents. It is advisable to check with the institution/country requesting authentication to confirm which documents are required.

Office of the Secretary, Diplomas

The following documents are typically submitted for authentication. The certified copy of diploma and translation are apostilled as one document. For more information about these documents and applications, please select from the options below.

Certified Copy of Diploma


Certificate of Graduation

The original signed and notarized applications are required to process your request. Notary services are available at most banking and financial institutions. You can also contact your local town hall, city hall or county courthouse to locate a notary. If you currently reside outside the USA, notary services are available at any U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad. It is also possible to have a document notarized by a foreign notary and authenticated for use in the United States.

The Office of the Secretary will forward the Apostille Order Form and diploma documents to the Connecticut Secretary of the State. The apostilled documents will be mailed directly to the applicant.

Authentication of Transcript

The Connecticut Secretary of the State requires a notarized transcript for authentication. An official transcript is available online through the National Student Clearinghouse. A request for a notarized transcript can be included in the “special instructions” section of the application. Alternatively, you may email with the order number to request notarization of the transcript.

The notarized transcript may be forwarded directly to the Diplomas Office.

Please direct inquiries regarding the Apostille process to: