Alumni Fellow Election

The 2017 Yale Corporation Alumni Fellow Election is officially underway! Yale alumni vote each spring to elect one new Alumni Fellow to serve a six-year term on the Yale Corporation, the University’s governing board. The Office of the Secretary conducts the election. In 2017 alumni will vote to elect an Alumni Fellow to fill the vacancy caused by the end of term of alumni fellow E. John Rice, Jr. ‘88 B.A. 

Below is information about the spring 2017 election:

Voter Eligibility

The Yale Charter provides that all graduates of the first degree of five or more years’ standing and all persons admitted to any degree higher than the first in the University, whether honorary or in course, may vote in the Alumni Fellow election. Therefore, all persons with Yale graduate-level degrees and all who received Yale undergraduate degrees in 2011 or earlier, are eligible to vote in spring 2017.

Ballot Distribution

The regulations of the Yale Corporation specify that votes shall be cast on the official ballot. Election materials, which include the official ballot, will be distributed to all eligible voters in April 2017. The University has engaged Election Services Corporation, a firm that is expert in providing these services to higher education, corporate, and nonprofit organization clients, to manage this task.

Alumni for whom the University has email addresses will receive ballots via the Internet while those who do not have an e-mail address on file (and those who indicate a preference for paper materials during the survey period) will receive a paper ballot.


Alumni who receive paper ballots can vote via the Internet or by enclosing their completed paper ballot in the return envelope provided in the election materials package. Official ballots contained in plain envelopes, addressed to the mailing address listed below, will also be accepted. Alumni who receive their ballots via the Internet must vote electronically.

Deadline for Receipt of Ballots

The Yale Charter specifies that the election shall occur on the “day next preceding Commencement day.” This year, the election date is Sunday, May 21. Late ballots may not be counted. As noted above, eligible voters, even those who have opted to receive a paper ballot, are invited to vote online. Instructions are included in the voting materials.

Paper ballots are to be mailed to:

Secretary of Yale University
Vote Tabulation Office
c/o Election Services
P.O. Box 9020
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Replacement Ballots

The regulations of the Yale Corporation specify that: “a replacement ballot may be issued to a qualified elector only upon written application to the Secretary of the University, stating that the original ballot was lost, mutilated, or destroyed.” Electors may make written application for a replacement ballot until early May. Alumni who wish to participate in this year’s election should act as early as possible to ensure that their ballot is received by the election date. Written application may be made via email to the Office of the Secretary or by sending a letter to:

Alumni Fellow Election
Office of the Secretary
Yale University
P.O. Box 208230
New Haven, CT 06520-8230

Further Information & Questions

For detailed information about the Alumni Fellow election process, please visit the Yale Alumni Association website.

For assistance with casting your ballot electronically, please contact Election Services Corporation by email at or call 866.720.4357.

If you have further questions about voting, please contact the Office of the Secretary by emailing or calling 203.432.4284.